The Lure with a Mission

We recognize today’s incredibly large and complex choices of fishing lure colours, but our foothold comes from years of experience and understanding of the field. The evidence accumulated from anglers around the world about the efficacy of the simple colours used by Batanta is not one-sided. First hand tested by many companions we have gathered numerous positive reports backing our choice.

We keep it simple

Batanta campaigns for nature-friendly fishing activities and participates. We support catch-and-release, bag limit and non-destructive fishing methods. We are devoted to disseminating the message about the worrying state of our waters. The Friends of Wild Water Indonesia also carry this message throughout the country, standing against illegal and destructive fishing.


Batanta is not just a product

ONE LIFE  one life some big fish  SOME BIG FISH
We wish to paint the world of sport fishing with new colours of sustainability
and hope for the next generations.


A talented small team of wood carvers from Yogyakarta handcrafts all of our lures. Years of testing and adapting the processes allowed us to provide a durable quality product. We have a made-to-order strategy as to guarantee high quality and minimize possible deviations from long storage of wooden lures.


Work hard, fish harder! I have travelled to all corners and countless fishing spots around Indonesia. Our fishing trips are adventurous, wild and real. Our journeys lead us to remote fishing grounds and create cultural exchange with local people around the Indonesian archipelago. Fishing is a tradition practised since ancient times. The connection between humans and waters has always been there, and we strive to live it in its purest form.


All materials used to produce Batanta lures come from certified sustainable sources. The respect for nature lay at the core of our business. We strive to spread awareness by creating and participating in educational campaigns around the country. Our mission is to help give a chance to future generations to experience the beauty of angling.