About us

About Us - Created by an Angler for Anglers

The adrenaline rush and connection to the pure force and beauty of nature, the love for the sea and this activity, fascinates many people around the world. We all share the same passion and have the same quest “one life, some big fish”. We aspire to pass on this spirit of adventure and reduce the widely spread greed of catch among this sport. Let’s give a chance to future generations to experience the beauty of angling.

Batanta lures, an initiative by Michael Risdianto, journalist and passionate sports fisher who loves the waters of his country. Batanta is born with the idea of enriching the sport fishing dynamics in Indonesia, but our dream goes beyond that. All the waters are connected, and we wish to paint the world of sports fishing with new colours of sustainability and hope for the next generations.

This project finds inspiration in the spirit and love for recreational fishing; especially popping techniques for hunting demersal and surface predatory fish. Our products are first-hand tested, by myself and by fellow sports fishermen, in various spots around the country.

About the product

All Batanta lures are handmade. We use the finest and most durable materials. For the base, we use mahogany wood, “Swietenia macrophylla”. As we are aware of the endangerment of the species we select the wood with utmost care of its source. This guarantees its sustainability and natural population. We work only with certified wood sellers who farm the mahogany on private land.

A small, talented and dedicated team of young generation wood carvers from Yogyakarta crafts all Batanta lures, to ensure a constant and exceptional quality of the product. The crafting process is very labor and time intensive due to the manual and natural techniques we use. For the drying process, we use sunlight as it proves to result in a more durable product. We apply limited stock supply to reduce deviations from long storage time of wooden products.

About the product 
Vision and Mission

Our Mission & Vission

Batanta stands for eco-friendly, handmade lures. We strive for happy anglers and satisfied customers. Moreover, we aim to encourage the welfare of coastal communities through the presence of sports fisher, who sustain nature-friendly fishing practices and share the concern for conserving our waters.

To create awareness about water conservation and sustainable fishing practices, Batanta engages in educational campaigns. These campaigns are lead by Wild Water Indonesia (WWI). The campaigns cover topics such as catch and release, bag limit, anti-destructive fishing methods and non-organic waste.

Batanta commits to participate in community activities to safeguard the marine ecosystems. By creating a lure crafted through natural processes and material, fit to use in numerous popping spots around the world, we hope to spread awareness among sports fisher.