Batanta Sport Fishing: One Life Some Big Fish!

Photo Sport Fishing with Care Lombok Island

One life some big big big fish. It’s been a long time, too long since Batanta pulled over from the turbulent word of the Indonesian heavy-duty fishing targeting mostly GT (Giant Trevally) and other surface predatory fish. The main cause originated from an internal workshop ‘storm’ undermining the commitment of trust of some Batanta team members.It is hard to recover from such a blow but we decided to once again set sail to the salty waters of the Indonesian Archipelago! We intend to newly greet the ocean and all Batanta companions around the various corners of the world. Hoping to be re-accepted by the local and overseas sports fisher community.

Sportfishing with Care: Catch and Release, Bag Limit, and Clean the Sea

We are here to stay and we have come stronger and more prepared. Hey, one learns from his mistakes! We registered the idea and the brand with a new logo. We have tested and adopted new coating techniques; this made us achieve a higher level of quality compared to the past. For other things we kept them the same, we stay old-school; We still apply solid classic colours. We recognize today’s incredibly large and complex choices of fishing lure colours, but our foothold comes from experience, not a hot go-ahead trend with no understanding of the field. On one hand, simplicity has a positive effect, by not making prices soar, on the other hand, it keeps the process environmentally friendly.

Modangan Beach East Java tested Nomaden Swimbait

The evidence accumulated from anglers around the world about the efficacy of the simple colours used by Batanta is not one-sided. First hand tested by many companions we have gathered numerous positive reports backing our choice. We stay with our roots and therefore, Team Batanta has not forgotten to fully participate in the support of our friends from Wild Water Indonesia (WWI). Hand in hand we campaign for sustainable sport fishing practices because we care about the future of the waters in this country.(Michael Risdianto)

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