Nomaden, Lure That Inspire Us to Never Give Up


It’s been a long time since we intended to add to the list of new lures we offer to the big fish anglers while they explore saltwater fishing ground. But it is our concern to not release new products in a hurry. We did not spent time on nothing but we use it to conduct continuous hard field test in various fishing ground in this country. There are three best fishing ground location that we explored to test of the Nomaden; the southern coast of Bali Island, Sumbawa Island to the south, and the last is the south coast of Malang, East Java. We spent almost four months testing Nomaden until finally decided to release it to the market. Shortly, Nomaden is saltwater fishing lure that inspire us to never give up.

Nomaden is a 90 gram weight swimbait lure. Swimbait is a type of sub surface lure. How to play it is to retrieve our reel after cast, of course must be so because we use it for fishing isn’t it? In fast retrieve Nomaden will swim about one metre under the water surface. However, in slow retrieve we can add the depth as desired. Some good things that we must understand about swimbait lure is that we will have more cast distance in the wind and or when our boat to far from the hot spot due too rocky reef and dangerous wave. Especially when anglers are fishing with landbased popping techniques, this will have a significant effect to the fishing result because cast distance in this techniques is very important. Nomaden can also wise saving energy strategy when we are too tired to use surface lure (chugger lure or popper).


We choose Nomaden as name in accordance with our conditions when doing field tests on this lure, move around here and there, trying to find something best (fish and experience). Nomaden always ‘stand’ with us. Shortly, Nomaden is saltwater fishing lure that inspire us to never give up. The spirit of exploring and not giving up is then what we embed. With the same hope that another anglers also realize this philosophy and apply in the behavior of their sport fishing trips. Do not forget, please always practice sustainable sport fishing! Greeting from Indonesia!(Michael Risdianto)

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