Nomaden Swimbait


Nomaden Swimbait is new and the first swimbait model made by Batanta Lures. Tested in Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara and in Southern coastal of Malang, East Java during July – October 2017. Best choice for anglers that need break for a while from surface technique. Give us new chance to catch fish target that hide under the surface.

  • Swim about 1 meter below the surface in fast retrieve. In slow retrieve will go deeper.
  • 300 lbs stainless steel wire to fight the toughest fish in every fishing spot.
  • Lure weight without treble hook 90 gram. Treble hook size 3/0-4/0.
  • Japanese swivels standard and finest quality hologram stickers.
  • Individually painted, rigged and finished 100% by hand!


Nomaden Swimbait. All Batanta fishing lures are handmade. Each lure is tank tested and weighed. We use the finest and most durable materials from private sustainable plantations of mahogany wood. For the drying process, we work with sunlight as it proves to result in a more durable product. This wooden popping lure is much stronger than plastic lures. We apply limited stock supply to reduce deviations from long storage time of wooden products. For these reasons, we require 7 days time after payment confirmation to ship the products.

The Nomaden Swimbait design creates a swimbait lures that is ideal for a straight and fast retrieve or a stop and start jerk with an exceptional action below the surface. Nomaden Swimbait designed both for calm and high sea conditions. For slow and or even fast current conditions. The key of the Nomaden Swimbait action is in the retrieve.

Disclaimer: Due to the handmade production process, lures shape, weights, designs, colours may slightly differ from what represented.

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90g Yellow, 90g Black, 90g Pink


157mm x 40mm, 157mm x 40mm, 157mm x 40mm


Yellow Nomaden, Black Nomaden, Pink Nomaden


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