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Wild Water Indonesia 


Wild Water Indonesia is a voluntary conservation network in Indonesia, focusing on aquatic ecosystems and its inhabitants.

WWI’s main concerns are:

1. Campaign for the safeguard of all waters and sustainable activities in all sectors involved with water. From recreational to industrial.
2. Fight destructive fishing activities such as electro, poison and fish bombing.

These destructive fishing methods have caused a tremendous loss of natural balance in the Indonesian aquatic ecosystem. As a result, the carrying capacity of nature to support life forms has drastically diminished. The legal basis for WWI’s concerns is grounded in the law of the Republic of Indonesia no. 31/2004 Article 84, Paragraph 1 jo Law no. 45/2009 Article 85 about fisheries. The fact that WWI volunteers are individuals, who have no authority on law enforcement and sanction, the actions of WWI friends is realized in a persuasive form of appeal and inspiration through exemplary care of the waters.


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Project Wild Water Indonesia

The main campaign actions of all WWI friends are:

1. Environmental friendly fishing campaigns

2. Support law enforcement of aquatic patrols

3. Partnering with the law enforcement to enforce fisheries law

4. Restocking and relocation of native fish

5. Mapping endemic rare fish

6. Campaign against improper disposal of non-organic waste

7. Education about aquatic ecosystems

8. Campaigns for catch and release and bag limit fishing practices

9. Protection of endangered fish species (creation of fish sanctuaries)

10. Coral reef transplantation

11. Reforestation and springs protection

12. Supporting sustainable local wisdom

Wild Water Indonesia Project

For more information about WWI and our current projects visit www.wildwaterindonesia.org or write us an email: [email protected]